10 Ways to Protect Your Home While on Vacation

10 Ways to Protect Your Home While on Vacation

Home Security System:

Acquire a home security system and look to advertise it somewhere on your house. The more visible the better. The most effective option would be a video security system since this lets your monitor your home remotely.

Interior Light Timers:

By timing your interior lights to turn on every once in a while, you can create the illusion that someone is home. Home invaders are more likely to enter houses that they know are vacant.

Favor from a Friend:

If one of your close and trustworthy friends lives nearby, you can ask them to look over your home until you return. Simple tasks like stopping by every so often and taking in the trash can go a long way.

Maintain the Yard:

If you can have someone trim your yard while you are away, it'll get rid of any tall weeds and overgrown grass that pose as sure signs of an empty house.

Garage Door:

This is a simple one, but forgetting it can lead to disaster. Make sure the garage door is securely locked along with any doors that lead to it.

Postpone Deliveries:

Make sure you don't order anything to be delivered to your home while you are gone. Along with this, let the post office know so they can hold your mail until you get back.

Sliding Doors and Windows:

Regular front and back doors are easily locked out of habit, but make sure to also check your windows and sliding doors. Many home intruders will look for any way to get into a house, so a locked front door sometimes won't be enough.

Exterior Lights:

Lights around the outside of your house that turn on based off sensors or timers can prove to be effective. Similar to the idea of interior lights, exterior lights will create the illusion that someone is home.


This is an optional step based off of how you usually have your blinds set up. If they are usually open, keep them open while you're gone to have it seem as if nobody left the house.

Stay off Social Media:

Although everybody wants to post vacation photos and tweet about the experience, you should look to do this after you've returned home. This is a final precautionary step you can take if deemed necessary.

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Doug Ferguson
Doug Ferguson
King Team (Atlanta Communities)