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Top 6 "Smart" Technology Products For Your Home

How smart is your home? If you can't control your temperature, see who is at the door or even check how many eggs you have left right from your phone, chances are, your home is not as smart as it could be. One or more of these innovative products will get even an older home up to speed quickly:

1) Nest Smart Thermostat

The days of constantly adjusting your thermostat - or discovering that you left the air conditioner running when you left for work - are over, thanks to smart thermostats like Nest. This handy gadget gives you full control over your home's temperature, even when you are not actually at home. Nest can keep your home at a consistent and comfortable temperature, helps you save money on your energy costs and even learns your preferences as you use it. If you are looking to save money at home, a Nest thermostat is a wise first smart home choice.

2) Roost Smart Smoke Alarm

This convenient and potentially life-saving device provides peace of mind and allows you to rest easy. Roost is fast and easy to attach to your existing battery powered smoke or CO2 detector and can alert you to an alarm, no matter where you are. Your smart phone will get an immediate alert if your smoke alarm goes off - and you can even set it up to contact others in the event of an emergency. This inexpensive "set it and forget it" tech will provide peace of mind and protect your home and family 24/7.

3) Ring Video Doorbell

Knock - Knock! You'll always know "who's there" with the innovative and easy to install Ring Video Doorbell. This device functions as a video camera and intercom and allows you to greatly increase your home security, without a hefty alarm bill or contract. Ring works whether you are home or not, alerting you to activity on your property and allowing you to see and speak with anyone who comes to your door. Night vision HD ensures you always know who comes calling, even after dark.

4) Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator

This fridge aims to do more than preserve your food and keep your ice cream frozen; it functions as a communication hub for the entire family. Use the oversized touchscreen as a command base, to share photos or even watch TV as you cook. While the touchscreen front may be the most noticeable upgrade over a traditional fridge, cameras inside may have a bigger impact on your life. The Family Hub Refrigerator can send you photos of the inside of the fridge and ensure that you never go without a needed item again. One door can also switch between a refrigerator and freezer, so you can use whichever you need more at the touch of a button.

5) Smart Light Bulbs

The latest generation of lightbulbs do more than just brighten up your home. A smart bulb can detect when you are in a room - and turn off lights, even if you forget; this feature alone can help cut your energy bills, particularly if you have forgetful kids. These clever bulbs can also adjust to ambient light and interact with your other smart home devices, including a thermostat. Some brands offer Wi-Fi functionality and allow you to switch them on and off, even if you are not home.

6) Amazon Echo

Amazon's innovative Echo device features voice recognition and easy to use controls. Once set up, you simply tell Echo what you want; the system can adjust your thermostat, lower the lights and work with any existing smart home technology. Echo is integrated with the internet, so it can answer questions, look up information and respond to you any time you ask. Whether you need to find a recipe, order a pizza or work on your homework, the answers you need are just a spoken question away.

Smart home tech is designed to make your life easier and to integrate with existing pieces, so choosing the items that intrigue you or that will help you most is the best way to get started. Most smart home tech comes with full support and if you encounter trouble during setup or operation, help if just a tap away.

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Doug Ferguson
Doug Ferguson
King Team (Atlanta Communities)